"Umuntu Umuntu Ngabantu ~ Brenda Fassie"

Amandla Awethu! vavender.co.za believes in the power of unity. The is nothing we can’t achieve when we stand together.


Is a place that gives the power back to the consumer. Partnering with local businesses and influencers, allow us to bring the best experience and value to our customers and stakeholders. Drawing inspiration from South African struggle leaders, our objective is to unite our stakeholders and connect them in such a way that it creates a mutually beneficial relationship.

What do we do?

vavender.co.za provides a group buying service that combines and organizes the purchasing power of our users and uses it as leverage to obtain high-quality products and services at significantly reduced prices due to group discounts obtained from suppliers. We plan to start a group-buying service for complicated products like solar panels, which require a lot of research and money. Our objection is to provide our users with information that will be useful in their decision-making and invite various suppliers to make competitive bids for their business. Our plan is to replicate our model to deliver services for a range of products across South Africa.

Why you should participate in our group buying services?

The following are our reason.

We are independent of suppliers – we invite multiple suppliers to offer competing offers to our groups, and a supplier with the best offer will get the most orders.

High-quality demands – every offer must exceed the high-quality demands we make.

Unity – group buying exemplifies people coming together for a common purpose.

Significant discount – bulk purchases of goods and services saves participants time and money.

Here to help – from the beginning to the end, we are here to help our participants. We try to make the process as easy as possible and our helpdesk is always here to assist.

Become a member

There are many benefits to joining together with other consumers and combining your buying power to get better deals from shops and other suppliers. By buying in bulk, you can get discounts on prices, saving you money.


Benefits for joining a group-buying clubs

  • Some things are more complicated than others to buy. Getting the best deal can be harder work in some cases than in others.. For example, when buying heating oil, prices change very frequently. The group coordinator can watch the market and buy at the right time. In renewable energy schemes, finding the right supplier takes some time and effort but by buying as a group, you have more skills and knowledge between you.

  • vavender.co.za can bring people together which may lead on to other activities that benefit communities. It can be a way for you to meet up with friends and make new friends with people you might otherwise not come across.

  • Some groups order directly from suppliers, rather than buying in shops, cutting out the middleman. This can mean further savings.