Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Welcome to Vavender  – the dynamic social marketplace where connections thrive, commerce flourishes, and community is at the heart of it all. To ensure a positive and enriching experience for every user, please adhere to our comprehensive community guidelines:

a. Respect and Inclusivity

  • Treat every member with respect and kindness.

  • Zero tolerance for harassment, hate speech, or any form of discrimination.

  • Celebrate diversity and foster inclusivity within our community.

b. Honest Communication

  • Communicate truthfully and transparently.

  • Ensure accuracy in product listings, job posts, course offerings, and fundraising efforts.

a. Appropriate Content

  • Share content that aligns with our community values.

  • We prohibit the posting of illegal, harmful, or inappropriate content.

b. Intellectual Property

  • Respect and uphold intellectual property rights.

  • Promptly report any copyright or trademark infringement.

a. Buying, Selling and Renting

i. Transaction Terms

  • Users engaging in buying, selling and renting activities, must adhere to the specified terms and conditions.

  • Maintain transparency and accuracy in product and service listings.
  • We encourage respectful communication between vendors and their customers.

  • Vavender is not responsible for the quality or legality of listed items, nor the issues raising from this transactions. We are just mediators who make such transaction possible.

ii. Security Deposit (Renting transactions only)

  • Renters must pay a security deposit, equivalent to 200% of the rented period value.

  • Refund is subject to confirmation of the item’s good condition or no dispute raised within 7 days after the rental period concludes.

iii. Acceptance and Rejection of Transaction Requests

  • Members must reach a verbal or written agreement with each other, using the communication tools we have provided, before they can order or engage in any financial transaction. This will be treated as a transaction acceptance request (contract between the two parties), this will be used to resolve dispute that might arise.

  • Transaction rejection is when two parties can reach a written or verbal agreement for a transaction.
  • Members have a sole responsibility to carefully review and access products, services, vendors or customers before accepting or engaging in their transaction request.

iv. Care and Safeguarding of Rented Items

  • Rentees are responsible for the proper care and safeguarding of the rented items.

  • Any damages that exceed the security deposit may result in additional charges and penalties.

v. Penalties for Negligence (Renting Transaction)

  • Negligence in safeguarding rented items may lead to penalties and additional fees.

  • Rentees are expected to exercise due diligence in ensuring the safe return of items in the agreed-upon condition.

vi. User Reviews

  • Users are encouraged to provide reviews for their transactions with other users on the platform.

  • Reviews offer valuable insights and contribute to building a trustworthy community.

vii. Points System

  • Vavender operates a points system to reward users for various activities such as buying, selling, posting, renting, donating, and more.

  • Users can accumulate points, which can be claimed and used to make purchases, rentals, or sales with other users on the platform.

viii. User Verification

  • We highly recommend that users engage in transaction with users that have been successfully verified by our platform.

  • Users can send a verifiction request, where they will be prompted to provide certified documents that proof their identity and residence.

b. Group Buying Programs

i. Participation

  • Participants in group buying programs must adhere to fair and transparent transaction guidelines.

  • Gola is not responsible for any issues arising from group buying transactions

a. Quality Assurance

  • Course providers must offer courses of high quality and value.

  • Vavender is not responsible for the content or outcomes of online courses.

b. Learners and Teachers

  • Learners and teachers must engage in positive and constructive interactions.

  • Vavender is not responsible for disputes between learners and teachers.

a. Fundraising Efforts

  • Vavender supports fundraising for grassroots movements and business projects.

  • Transparent use of funds is required, and progress updates must be provided to donors.

b. Fundraisers

  • Fundraisers are responsible for clearly communicating the purpose, goals, and timelines of their campaigns.

  • Refund policies for donations are subject to the fundraiser’s terms.

a. Job Posting

  • Employers must share job listings accurately and transparently.

  • Gola is not responsible for the outcome of job applications or employment relationships.

b. Job Seekers

  • Job seekers must provide accurate and truthful information in their application.

  • Vavender is not responsible for the actions of employers.

  • Vavender operates a points system to reward users for various activities on the platform.

  • Points can be earned through buying, selling, posting, renting, donating, and more.

  • Users can accumulate points and claim them to make purchases, rentals, or sales with other users on the platform.

Group Creation and Participation

  • Create and join groups with respect for other members.

  • Abide by group guidelines and facilitate positive interactions.

Positive Interactions

  • Foster a positive and supportive atmosphere.

  • Engage in constructive conversations and feedback.

Consequences for Violations

  • Violations of community guidelines may result in warnings, suspensions, or account termination.

  • Appeal processes are available for account suspension decisions.

Reporting Violations

  • Report any violations of guidelines promptly.

  • Use our reporting tools for efficient and confidential reporting.

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